The Big Dog... And even a Bigger One.

Posted by Eugene on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Under: Behavior
A lot of muscle with very little fat is a good combination to have when you find yourself on a dog playground, full of young male canines trying to establish dominance.  At 82 lean pounds, Ari has been one of the largest inhabitants of this playground, able to match in size and power most of the dogs there. Even Sisco (another Rhodesian, 14 months and well over 90 lbs), although clearly more mature then Ari, is not THAT MUCH bigger. 

Yes, being The Big  Dog indeed has its advantages. Until, of course, an even Bigger One shows up.

Meet Casper The Great Dane.

Ari was not intimidated and stood his ground. However, the other visitors, 4 legged as well as 2 legged, wisely moved away from danger while the two of them displayed their acrobatic talents. 

A couple of photos to illustrate Ari's encounters at the dog playground. More in Recent pictures.
Left: Ari and a regular size dog.  Right: Ari and Sisco, a very large and powerful Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Left: Ari and Casper, 230 lbs between the two of them. Right: performance worthy of Cirque Du Soleil.  



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