Learning new things.. and proud of it!

Posted by Eugene on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Under: Behavior

Dogs try to make their humans proud in many different ways. Learning new tricks, keeping the mailman away, chasing a rabbit from the backyard, or chasing visiting grandma from the family sofa.  But there is one accomplishment that male puppies and their humans are especially proud of.  This is the thing that makes us go “Yes! This is the way to do it!”  It is, of course, lifting a leg when doing their boy business.  Ari learned this vital skill last week, and it filled him (and me, I must admit) with a great deal of pride. Those who have experienced 4 (or 2) legged youngsters know that once they learned something of such tremendous importance, they try to showcase their newly acquired talents whenever they can to whoever is watching.  Ari is no exception.

Over the weekend we visited our local pet supply store, where Ari has lots of friends and admirers among dog trainers, sales ladies, and even customers. They all gathered around him, as they always do, and after a few minutes of cheerful play Ari remembered that he has something special to show them, and decided that a demonstration was in order. Only quick reaction on the part of yours truly (“Ari – No!!! Not here!!!”)  helped us avoid a rather embarrassing ending to an otherwise pleasant visit to the store.

Lesson learned – always expect the unexpected, and be ready to act.

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