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Posted by Elena on Monday, June 13, 2011 Under: Behavior
Today was a lot of fun. We went to The Greenwich Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show to take a look at the dogs and the competition and see if Ari would like to participate in a DFZ (doggie fun zone) - a challenge course where a dog chases a lure through some agility pieces and obstacles. No prior experience was required. Before the real run Ari and I walked the course - he had to figure out how to navigate a few tunnels, hurdles, hoops and a ramp. After we more or less walked through the course they turned on the mechanical lure and he ran chasing it. Twice on the first sharp turn he lost the site of the lure, stopped and ran back. But then he somehow figured it out and ran the whole course. He managed the low tunnels, hoops and hurdles, but refused to run up the ramp and went around it. I was super proud of him though. On our way back to the car we thought that we spotted an enormous bear (or perhaps a gypsy with her black wavy hair down to the ground), but turned out it was a Black Russian Terrier. 
More than 1300 dogs entered to compete. I was looking at the number of entries for some breeds: 22 RRs, 35 GSs, 29 Dobermans, a few Goldens, and 95 Vizslas! 
I see a few of them around at the dog park but I had no clue Vizslas were that popular.

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