African lion hound Vs mountain lion?

Posted by Elena on Monday, June 13, 2011 Under: Behavior
I think owning an African lion hound is starting to pay off. My colleague just told me that her daughter brought home a flyer from school alerting them that a mountain lion was spotted in a neighboring town. I googled it and here it is: "Authorities believe a large cat that has been spotted around the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, is a mountain lion that either escaped or was released from captivity. The cat was last spotted on the campus of the Brunswick School in the King Street area of Greenwich, according to a police report filed this week. Based on photographs and paw prints left behind, authorities say, it appears the animal is a mountain lion, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection." "If residents come across a mountain lion, residents are urged to be loud, stand tall, wave their arms and throw sticks and stones to deter it, according to information Greenwich Police released. By doing that humans do not appear to be prey to mountain lions." 

I hope Ari will be loud and stand tall, not sure if he will wave anything, maybe his tail... I wonder if mountain lions are within Rhodesian Ridgeback's competency.

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